• Glowing skin without the sun.
    A temptress in a teapot! JERGENS® Natural Glow® moisturizers, with black tea,
    gives your gorgeous body the perfect bronzing effect after just a few
    applications - no sun required!

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  • JERGENS® new moisturizers with HYDRALUCENCE™ technology give
    your outer shell a radiating pick-me-up while deeply
    penetrating skins surface.

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  • Face and hair getting all the attention?
    Show the other 90% some love!

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flawless color, free rewards

Why wait ‘till you’re desert dry? Apply JERGENS® Moisturizer for Wet Skin after the shower to lock in all that nourishing H2O goodness and pat dry.

flawless color, free rewards

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pure African Shea Butter

Deeply conditions dry, dull skin to reveal skin
that's luminous and three times as radiant.